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plasticcup reviews Condemned: Criminal Origins (X360)

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plasticcup said...

I stopped playing the game at about level 3 when I first got the game, thinking it was boring. The gameplay, though original, moved too slowly for my tastes and was too repetitive. I picked it up again months later, and as soon as I got past level 3, the game really caught hold of me. The pacing, storyline, and level design seem to really come together at that point. The last few levels are striking. They make excellent use of mood and make full use of the game's immersion. The story itself is tastefully ambiguous. As the game ends, like in any good horror movie, you still have several questions about the characters, their motivation, and their general situation.

In short, the game is memorable. Though it has its flaws, they become forgotten when looking back at the experience.

Game Traits applied to Condemned: Criminal Origins (X360) by plasticcup

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    Horror, modern
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Condemned: Criminal Origins

Condemned: Criminal Origins (X360)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Survival Horror
Release Date: 15/NOV/05
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